MATRESHKA INVESTMENT provides the following services for clients and partners:

1. Organization of “turnkey” business missions in Vietnam, Los, Cambodia, Indonesia
Scheduling business meetings with Vietnamese partners.

2. Search for a foreign partner (buyer or seller) and support of the negotiation process to the stage of conclusion of the export transaction

3. Ensuring your participation in specialized and specialized business missions, exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

4. Development of a strategy to promote your interests in Vietnam (Detailed and consistent promotion of your business interests, products and services)

5. Direct B2B negotiations with potential trading partners

6. Consultations on the laws of Vietnam

7. Check of business partners, their reliability and solvency

8. Consultations and recommendations on the organization of accounting (according to national and international standards)

9. Promotion and representation of your interests and products at the main
Vietnamese retailers (preparation and launch of the final product in the network)

10.Marketing research, collecting the necessary information about competitors, their structure, business models, sales volumes.

11. Adaptation of company promotional materials and information for your partners.

12. Translation of documents from Russian into Vietnamese, English and vice versa.

14. Organization of cooperation with the Russian export center, participation in the REC business programs in Vietnam

15. Development of commercial offers, presentations, other materials.

16. Design, video and photo shooting

17. Legal services:

17.1 establishment of a legal business presence in Vietnam (the establishment of representative offices, companies, etc.);


17.2. Registration of transactions for the acquisition of enterprises in Vietnam;


17.3. Passing all the necessary licensing, registration procedures, registration of licenses;


17.4. Registration of trademarks;

17.5. Opening bank accounts;

17.6. Assistance in organizing and maintaining accounting and tax reporting in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries;

17.7. Organization of audit services;

17.8. Tax planning;

17.9. Drawing up and legal analysis of contracts, agreements, other documents;

17.10. Conducting business liquidation procedures;

17.11. Assistance in resolving judicial, arbitration, administrative and other disputes.